Amazing Ideas
  • 1- Hold A Board Game Competition (Or Similar)
  • 2- Baking sale; recruit local baking heroes to create some truly delectable desserts to sell.
  • 3- Community class; teach their craft — painting, cooking, whatever — to people who pay a class fee. “
  • 4- Morning coffee drive; Feed the necessary addiction with coffee stands in highly trafficked areas, like in front of college campuses on Monday or churches on Sunday.
  • 5- Photo/art sale; Collect photo prints or other types of art and have an art lawn sale. You can split the funds with the artists.
  • 6- Host a cook-off; It’s like Food Network’s Iron Chef, people who aren’t professional judges can actually eat the food. You can’t beat that. Charge a fee per plate, or have people put money in the jar representing the cook they think had the tastiest grub.
  • 7- Penny drive; Set out a jar for a few weeks in a building and put a sign that says to drop spare change in. Challenge people to fill the jar. Or have multiple jars and spark a “war”.
  • 8- Sell Custom T-Shirts; Put your art front and center by designing custom t-shirts to sell to your loyal supporters!
  • 9- Host a Talent Show; If you have access to a venue and know a few performers, you can host a community talent show! Artists and entertainers of all kinds can participate.
  • 10- Create a Local Battle of the Bands; A Battle of the Bands event can be an opportunity to raise money for your creative project ideas and a chance for local talent to get their music out into the community.
  • 11- Fashion show; All you need is floor space, benefit t-shirts and a few staff members willing to put themselves out there and be goofy. You’ll be selling your organization’s merchandise in no time.
  • 12- Carnival — A carnival is always a fun way to raise funds. And you can invest whatever level of overhead feels appropriate. Skip the antique carousels and make up your own games with homemade booths and costumes for a lower cost and more personalized event experience.
  • 13- Treasure hunt —set up a treasure hunt
  • 14- Morning dance party — An alcohol-free dance party with fancy mocktails made from energizing fresh-squeezed juice.
  • 15- Themed costume party
  • 16- Community garage sale ; Have your friends donate some items and so a community garage sale with the proceeds going to the center
  • 17- Car wash —Have your execs washing the cars to really appeal to the community.
  • 18- Dog wash — Invite the public to come get their pooch polished up.
  • 19- Golf tournament — If there’s a particularly ritzy golf course nearby, ask them to donate some less popular hours to your cause.
  • 20- 5K race — Fundraising runs are a timeless way to raise money for a good cause. Make yours stand out with a costume requirement or unusual location.
  • 21- Paddle race — Host a standup paddleboard contest and let beach bystanders place bets on the winners.
  • 22- Tennis tournament — Host round-robin tennis matches with doubles teams, and sell refreshments to participants and viewers.
  • 23- Slam dunk competition — Recruit some local basketball stars to act as judges on made-up categories like “form” and “panache.”
  • 24- Climbing challenge — Rent a climbing wall or team up with a local climbing gym to hold a race to the top.
  • 25- Trivia night — Host a trivia night at a local bar and have participants pay to play. For extra credit, the bar can donate a portion of proceeds of drinks and food sold.
  • 26- Bowl-a-thon — Bowling is a crowd-pleaser, and this one’s a great rain-or-shine activity. You can set up informational and merch booths in the bowling alley, too.
  • 27- Dinner en blanc — An elegant pop-up dinner where diners wear only white. To lower your expenses, make it a potluck picnic at a beautiful park.
  • 28- Alice in Wonderland-themed tea party — Find a whimsical spot to serve mid-day earl grey and biscuits with “eat me” signs on them.
  • 29- Bake sale — This is an oldie but definitely still a goodie. Stand out with a theme that’s on point with your fundraising focus, like baked goods made from locally sourced ingredients to benefit local farmers.
  • 30- Film screening — Is there a documentary related to your cause? Host a night at the movies replete with popcorn and candy.
  • 31- Christmas tree recycling — A January-specific fundraising idea, charge a fee to dispose of a tree. If you have the space (and permit) for it, a bonfire party can turn the necessity into a festivity!
  • 32- Guided hike — Host a guided hike on a trail led by an expert who can point out the value of the environs and why our natural world is so valuable.
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